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Subject : Math

Course Title : 3-4th Grade Math

Course Tuition : $450

Course Description :

This course covers the fundamental math concepts and topics aligned with third and fourth grade math curriculum at school. It will review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with natural numbers. Then, it will introduce the concepts in fractions, decimals, comparison, estimation, money, time, perimeters and areas, probability, patterns, number places, graphs, and functions.

All students will actively participate in class by presenting solutions on a board and explaining their approach and reasoning to other students.

Note: The course fee is for 4 sessions only. No refund and make-up class will be given after registration. All credits not used by 06/17/2016 will expire and no credit/refund/make-up class  will be given.


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Textbook & Material Fee : $0

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