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 3/2/2013 6:49:26 AM
Check the SCHEDULE before Registration
Hi Everyone,
If you like to register for course, please register at our site first
by clicking on the orange Register button below the login interface in the upper
left corner.
After registration at our site, you will receive site registration confirmation e-mail
at your e-mail account you entered during registration. Please click on the confirmaiton link in
that e-mail to activate your account. If you don't, you won't be able to register for any of our courses.
1. Please login to the site first.
2. Before you register, please check and click on our summer SCHEDULE
or specific subjects you are interested in at the left-hand side menu.
3. After clicking on a specific course from either the subject or schedule menu,
please click on Add to Cart to add that course in a shopping cart. When you are done,
please click on the  Check Out or shopping cart button at the top of the page near the grass image
in the upper left corner. You will be led to the check out page.
4.At this time, you may add a before-and-after care program if you need one.
Then, you can proceed to enter your credit card payment information.
If you have any questions or experience troubles during this registration process,
please contact us at or 703-314-9881. 
The StudyAlong Camp Team